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Participation and Youth: Lab for Equal Cities

PART-Y promotes the engagement, connection and empowerment of young people, supports educators, youth workers and educational leaders,  strengthening common values, civic engagement and participation.

The project aims to trigger the participation in civic life of young people (13-20 years) by fostering their inclusion in the policies decision-making process and promoting the concept of “generation equality” introduced by the United Nations agency UN Women for equal opportunities among the youngest. The project intends to focus the attention of girls, boys and educators on the common spaces of the city as fundamental places of gathering and democracy, essential elements in their growth process.

The core of the project will involve 2 youth centers owned by the local municipalities in Trieste and Koper (PAG and CMK), to strengthen their role in the involvement of young people in public life. The project will work with young people and educators, to empower their skills at different levels and to stimulate empathy among the participating girls and boys. The objects of the project research action will be the public spaces of the city (whether they are closed or circumscribed as cultural centers and recreational spaces, or open as squares and streets). The concept of “generation equality” will be crucial in analyzing the possibility of using/managing/co-designing the “common goods” offered by the city and in experimenting – through a playful approach – a decision-making process that leads to an inclusive urban space.

In order to achieve this goal, the project will analyze and carry out placemaking interventions, investigating the key elements capable of transforming any urban space into a place attentive to the needs of young women and men. In the co-design process, the methodology of Design Thinking will be used, applying it to the spaces of the city.

This learning process (both for young people and youth workers), facilitated by project partners and external invited experts, will deliver two intellectual outputs: a Toolkit to build a communication campaign for a young and inclusive placemaking and a Learning Methodology of placemaking by design thinking. These products will allow to capitalize the knowledge developed within this project and disseminate its output in the form of indications and tools that could be useful for other institutions and organizations dealing with young people and/or formed by young people.

The project works from an urban to a transnational dimension.  It promotes the crucial role of the cities in supporting change at the local level, allowing the transnational exchange of best practices: the cities can transfer their best practices in the area where they are more advanced and adapt the partners policies where they have more difficulties.

PART-Y is founded by the Erasmus+ program (KA 205 “Strategic partnerships for innovation”).

Koper (Slovenia)
Strasbourg (France)
Madrid (Spain)
Cork (Ireland)
Umeå (Sweden)

Lead Partner 

Project Partners
ALDA – the European Association for Local Democracy, Strasbourg, France
Basurama Asociación, Madrid, Spain
Kulturno Izobraževalno Društvo PiNA, Koper, Slovenia
Center Mladih Koper / CMK, Koper, Slovenia
Municipality of Trieste, Italy
Cork City Council, Ireland
Umeå Kommun, Sweden


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