About us


About us

Kallipolis is an Association for social development and support with legal personality.

Kallipolis started in 2006 with the aim of improving the liveability of human settlements both in Italy and abroad, with particular attention on transition and developing countries. The Association follows the objectives of UN-Habitat Agenda.

The association focuses on the most vulnerable groups, which are now the motor of planet development, and believes that urban environments can actually become equity spaces.

Kallipolis’ activity is aimed at building cities that are:

  • INCLUSIVE: accessible to anyone and dedicated to the most vulnerable in society;
  • GREEN: committed to reducing the environmental impact of human activities (waste management, transports, energy production, consumption of resources);
  • HEALTHY: providing each citizen with a healthy and safe life;
  • ATTRACTIVE: offering job, culture and education opportunities to anyone;
  • PARTICIPATORY: capable of listening to the needs of its inhabitants and finding the answers to these needs along with the inhabitants themselves;
  • RESPONSIBLE: focused on preserving resources and opportunities for future generations;
  • RESILIENT: willing to face the consequences of climate changes.

ART.3 The association is non-profit. It is aimed exclusively at social solidarity and at the improvement of conditions and quality of life as concerns the economic, social, political, urbanistic, environmental aspects of urban contexts in developing countries, in Europe and in all the marginal areas. The association pays particular attention to the weak and vulnerable groups of the population, to gender policies, to the new immigration-related emergencies and to young people’s inclusion […]

Kallipolis is registered at the Regional register of Associations for social development and support of Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy.