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Learning processes and creative workshops for young people in Mirafiori Sud district

The economic crisis has hit young people particularly hard. It has widened the gap between those with more and those with fewer opportunities. Some young people are increasingly excluded from social and civic life. Worse still, some are at risk of disengagement, marginalisation or even radicalisation.”

PER.LA aims to involve a group af young people of Mirafiori Sud neighborhood in Turin in a process that promotes integration and the acquisition of new knowledge through a non-formal learning process aimed at the improvement on their daily living spaces. The project is also conceived to stimulate the identification of new work scenarios, especially related to self-entrepreneurship, especcially for those who have not so far a project in progress for their lives and who are in a situation of economic fragility.

The activities that will be implemented include a participatory project process aimed at co-designing some common spaces used by young people in two important realities such la Casa del Mondo (Center for Asylum Seekers and International Protection Holders) and the Centro per il Protagonismo Giovanile situated in Strada della Cacce 36. The co-design actity will be developed starting from the functional and cultural needs of the places, thus increasing the sense of belonging to the places.

For the acquisition of skills the group of young people will follow carpentry workshops and metal carpentry at Izmade and a course of wall painting and decoration by Restyle e Restauri and they will personally take care of the redevelopment of the spaces, followed by specialized tutors.

This project is co-funded by Otto per Mille della Chiesa Valdese.

Mirafiori, Torino

Lead partner

Fondazione della Comunità di Mirafiori ONLUS
Cooperativa Sociale Mirafiori Onlus
Cooperativa Tenda Onlus
Cooperativa Esserci Onlus