Associazione Kallipolis

Kallipolis Association

Kallipolis is an organisation for social promotion and it holds legal status.

Created in 2006 with the aim of improving the liveability of human settlements both in Italy andabroad, especially in transitional and developing countries. Kallipolis shares the goals set by theUnited Nations Habitat Agenda.

We focus on vulnerable groups and rely on urban environments’ capacity of becoming spaces of freedom and equity, for we believe that the engine of the development of our planet is to be found in cities.

Il vostro 5×1000 rende possibile il lavoro di Kallipolis indirizzando così gli sforzi della collettività verso la costruzione di un ambiente urbano più libero e più equo.

Our Projects

Upgrading Katuns
In international-cooperation
B.EST – Building rESilienT communities in BiH
In international-cooperationresiliencewater
BiH – Bosnian intelligent Housing
In energy-efficiencyinternational-cooperation
In formazione-engiovani-enimmigrazione-enpoverta-urbana-enurban-povertyyoung-people
100 per Modena
In archivio-enparticipatory-planningprogettazione-partecipata-en
If I were the Major
In educationparticipatory-planning
Cittadini (E) Vigili
In archivio-enparticipatory-planningprogettazione-partecipata-enpublic-spacesurban-security
In energy-efficiency-2-enenergy-poverty-eneuropean-territorial-cooperation-enmobility-en